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Mar 13, 2018

Britney Muller returns to MozPod for another episode of 2Bs in a Pod with host, Brian Childs. 2Bs talk about the latest SEO news and topics, helping you stay up on important trends.

In this episode, Britney shares some recent articles about the importance of site speed. We augment this with impressions from the movie speed (Brian as Keanu Reeves and Britney as Sandra Bullock). Britney has also been trying out Google's new online course about Machine Learning, and shares some of the insights she has gained from that experience. One area in particular Britney brings up related to machine learning are developments taking place with Google Assistant.

During our discussion, Britney mentions several articles. Here are the links to those resources:

Mobile Speed Scorecard by Google:

Google Chrome to Feature Built-in Lazy Loading:

AMP: The Missing Controversy: 

Google Developers Guide to Machine Learning

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